Long Ride

>> Monday, April 20, 2015

Last week, I decided to bike to work. Pharmie didn't work that day, so I was able to leave a bit early and get in 8 miles before class (it's only 2.5 miles to work, but I was able to bike a few extra miles). I loaded my laptop, lunch, and "teaching appropriate" clothes and shoes into my tri bag:

It was heavy. I do not pack light.

I got to work and destroyed my office. I already had some stacks of projects and a big pile of books on my desk from a week before, but now it looked like this:

For comparison, here's what Deb's area looked like in our 4-person shared office:

I'm a pig.

Between classes, I hopped on my bike for a hard tempo ride. The day was PERFECT for riding, so I had no excuse for slow times. You've probably heard me talk about my go-to loop that I like to do when I'm short on time, which is about 15.5 miles mainly along the river, and back home down Summit Ave. Well, I started off from school and went towards home to do "the loop" plus a few miles before and after. I knew it'd be around 20 miles of tempo riding. I even took splits as I rode past home on the way out and on the way back so I could compare the middle of this ride to my normal loop ride.

Well, with the good conditions, I nailed it. My tempo finished looking like this:

For mid-day, high-traffic, urban riding that included a Ramsey Hill climb, that's not bad!

And my "regular loop" pace averaged 20.18 mph, which is only the 2nd time that I got that above 20 mph! (My PR was set last September when I did it in 20.2 mph. Click that link to see a map of "the loop.")

I biked around for another 20 minutes as a CD before my final class of the day, and then I biked home EASILY (adding in a few more miles) later in the day. So my log for the day looks like this:

8 miles to class, 20 mile tempo, 5.75 mile CD right after the tempo,
and 4 miles home later that day. That's 38.55 miles on the day!

Yes, I thought about biking another 1.5 miles to make it 40 miles, but I had to get home to watch the boys before Pharmie had to go to a big meeting. And I realized I didn't NEED to make myself hit 40 miles for any reason. It was my biggest day of biking since this ride nearly 3 years ago (which was my first early morning ride - something I've been doing a lot of since then). That ride from 3 years ago and a group ride with my bros-in-law in 2010 were the last 2 times I hit 40 miles. (Actually, the ONLY 2 times I've been over 40 miles since I started keeping an online training log in Sept of 2009.) So 38 miles in a day was pretty great.

Then I spent the night with my 2 dudes as Mama was at a meeting:

p.s. In case you were wondering, my diarrhea finally let up around last Thursday. That made about 7 full days of crap. (I first posted about it last Monday and then gave an update in Thursday's post.) It was about 8 days before a normal BM. All is well now. Thanks for the flowers and cards.


Running with the Boys

>> Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yesterday, I loaded the boys up for an easy run as we headed to Bracket Park:

Bottle for Daddy on the right, bottle for Charlie on the left.
(With Charlie kicking at the stroller cover in the middle.)

Crossing the Mississippi - there are buds on the trees that are ready to POP!

Playing at the park while Charlie napped a little longer (the main point of any stroller run).

Both boys playing.

I got in nearly 6 easy miles the day after a good bike workout (more on that in an upcoming post). We just did an easy run and didn't go to the gym yesterday because Charlie had a fever for the past 36 hours. We actually went to the doctor before the run, but it was probably just a bad cold. Drugs were knocking down the fever, so the doc wasn't too concerned. (Heroin works wonders. JK!)

Here are 6 more photos of the boys from Easter a few weekends ago:

Charlie's reaction when one of Great Grandpa's cows came RIGHT up to his hand!

Cute photo of my family with Great Grandpa Hap and a baby sheep!

Offering up Charlie as a sacrifice to the queen of the cows.

Henry and baby cows.

Easter baskets.

Chocolate time!

Back with some thoughts on a good bike workout soon, and a bit about upcoming races that I'm hoping to do. Happy weekend!


Friday Funny 909: The Next "Terminator" Movie (and funny links)

>> Friday, April 17, 2015

Like I do every few weeks, here are some of my recent favorite posts from my tumblr page:

Athletic-Related Funnies:


The joys of biking in Australia.

Running in the rain.

[GIF] Feel the burn.

Good form.

Want to take up running? Start off easy.

Chocolate milk after a long run.

[GIF] Handstand with a puppy.

Hipster bike race.

"Try steeplechase" they said.

[GIFs] Oregon runner celebrates too soon. Oops.

Sit ups.

Me while running in the summer. Really.

Non-Athletic Funnies:

My doctor told me to eat more Taco Bell.

These guys are geniuses.


The best things in life.

Awesome button.

The sausage principle.

Wheel of Fortune fail. I guessed wrong.

Adam has a point.

I need this medic alert bracelet.

Once you go black...

How to grow a college student.




The weirdest Easter photo.

Parenting in a nutshell.

And as always, stop by steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com for funnies all week long. Happy weekend!!


Friday Funny 908: Parking Fails

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Friday Funny 907: Triathlon Stuff that SHOULD Exist

Triathlon.Competitor.com had a funny article a few months ago where Jesse Thomas took ideas from anyone on twitter regarding products that should exist:

Triathlon Stuff That Should Exist

“A GPS to the timing chip so spectators can follow you anytime.” —Kevin Portmann
My take: I’ve wanted to see this for a long time, and for some reason it isn’t pervasive technology. Why is that? Is it cost? Implementation? I don’t know, but it seems like people would probably pay an extra $25–50 a race so their friends/family can pretend to track them while playing Farmville. Your business model is built into the game - go out and do it!

“Some sort of laser attachment that gives you a green or red light that lets you know if you are in or out of the draft zone. And maybe some sort of James Bond tar release to get the people sucking on your tire.” —Atm Robitaille
My take: I’m also not sure why these don’t exist yet. Let’s take the guesswork, the always overwhelmed marshalls, etc., out of the equation. It’s like the stop-light cameras at an intersection - if it gets you, it gets you. Bam! I’m also totally fine with tar and/or slime of some kind.

“A periscope iPhone app that would let you keep your head in neutral position staring at stem, yet show what’s up ahead on the road.” —Sharon McNary
“Chin rest for aerobars” —Steven Butler
My take: As someone with a couple fused cervical vertebrae, I’ve thought of both of these products as well. But then I think I saw in a rule somewhere that it’s illegal to look into a camera or screen or something. If I were a real journalist, I would research this. But clearly I’m not, so you guys let me know.

“Mini Madonna-esque nipple cones. Rehabbing a mean nipple chafe from my run today.” —Derrick Rice
My take: If designed well, these would be a single, low-cost, simple mold that could be used for both left and right nipples. Suction cups, maybe. Genius.

Business casual tri kit.
My take: This would save me LOADS of time and laundry each day. Imagine never having to change. Maybe it comes pre-scented to keep you smelling as good as you look. Living in Bend, Ore., the biz casual version should be flannel. I’ll get the Pearl Izumi guys on it.

“Aero transition bags.” —@TexasTarabay
“Aero facial hair cover.” —Barry Hughes
My take: We all know that triathletes buy ANYTHING aero. Do it!

“One product most pros could use is some form of monetary income.” —@dpalmertri
My take: Funny because it’s true (see last month’s article, “Things you should know before turning pro”).

“An automatic spouse-appeaser option when you sign up for a race: You click the box and on race day she gets flowers and a babysitter.” —Arup De
My take: Maybe my favorite idea! Include a massage. Maybe the men’s version is a babysitter, local beer and tickets to a movie about aliens, superheroes and/or the future. I hope my wife reads this.

“A photo filter that makes my dorky race pics look as cool as I feel. They can call the filter ‘undorkify,’” —Nanette Meadowcroft.
My take: Brilliant! Somebody create this stat and then get bought by Insta-Book for a bajillion dollars.

“Night vision swim goggles.” —@espej09
My take: Move over, U2 - this product release commercial will feature a ’90s R.E.M. single that deserves a quiet night. Marketing gold.

“Space-time extender - makes four more hours per day for actual training/life balance. Patent that ASAP.” —Mike Ursin
My take: Yes. Like a valve extender, except for space and time. Shouldn’t be that tough to figure out.

“Reverse designed race jerseys you can wear to help balance out the sunburn you got on race day!” —@briangumkowski
My take: I think this can be accomplished by wearing leg warmers, arm warmers, a balaclava and nothing else. It might be illegal in many city ordinances.

“Muscle electric stimulation unit where the pads can be preset and all lead to one central wire, and when you get on the bike you can plug in and then on long downhills opt to coast and get stimulus recovery opposed to pedaling with the thinking that time lost not pedaling will be made up later with fresher-feeling legs.” —Brandon James
My take: This is both hilarious and clearly the tri-dorkiest idea I got from all my readers. Thanks, Brandon - impressive work!

Lots more funny stuff posted all week long on steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com!


Friday Funny 906: Raising a Dog vs Raising a Kid

This is so, so, so very awesome:

We got lucky - our 2 cats put up with a lot of crap from our boys, and they take it well!

More funny stuff posted throughout the day on steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com!


Diarrhea Watch: Day 7

>> Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes. Day 7.

My anus is tender. My morale is low.

I can get in some pretty normal workouts, but then I'll have some loose trots just after that. I did 7.5 easy miles as a long run (an LSD run) yesterday morning. I was fine throughout the entire thing. But when I stopped to walk at the end for 2 blocks, my stomach churned, and I just made it back home in time.

I haven't had a normal poo since Friday morning. And not every poo is diarrhea, but every poo is far from normal.

The silver lining is that I had a good laugh yesterday. Remember on Monday I posted that I wished the bathroom where I was this weekend had one of these?

Well, when the boys and I stopped at the newer Highland Park Library yesterday, Henry had to use the bathroom. We've been to that library about 10 times, but this was the first time in the bathroom. And what did it have? Yep. Here's a photo I snapped:

Henry's on the toilet just to the right, and Charlie's in his carseat at my feet.

I didn't need to strap anyone in yesterday. Thankfully.

Let's raise a pink glass of Pepto in a toast to my tum tum being back to normal soon!


Runner Takes Selfie, Photographer Wins Award

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Have you heard about this? It's kind of awesome.

Both Runner's World and PetaPixel have shared the story of a high school cross country runner who sprinted hard at the start of a cross country race only to snap a selfie in front of the pack:

Full photo.


Photographer Troy Wayrynen was the person who made the photo above, and it was recently selected as the 1st Prize winner of the "Sports Feature" category in this year’s "Best of Photojournalism" contest by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), which is a very prestigious award for photojournalists.

The runner was 17-year-old Jacob Gillingham, a junior at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington, who sprinted ahead of the pack to snap the photo - "not such a good idea," Jacob says after the race. Wayrynen was in just the right place at the right time, and captured a photo of Jacob the same moment the runner snapped a photo of himself. Jacob later shared his image through his Instagram account:

Caption: "But first, let me take a selfie #XC #firstplace #RollStorm #overall61 #worthit #selfie"

Runner’s World reports that the winning photograph was actually one of Wayrynen’s outtakes from that day. It was never officially published, but the photojournalist decided to submit it to the NPPA contest. Wayrynen tells Runner’s World that he believes the photograph to be "a sign of our times," and that it's "interesting and humorous at some level."

If you're wondering about the runner... Jacob explained that the event was "more for fun than competitive," as some of the team’s top runners weren't racing so they could rest for the team’s upcoming district meet. It was one of Gillingham’s teammates who gave him the idea. "I immediately got excited about the idea and offered to do it," Jacob said.

The other Skyview runners knew about the idea, but the coaches did not. "The coaches were supportive after they saw what was going on," Jacob said. "They thought it was funny but did say that I wouldn’t get away with that at any other race." The selfie didn't take much time, but sprinting that hard out of the gate to snap that photo took it's toll on the runner, who ended up 61st out of 81.

Photographer Wayrynen didn’t expect to take an award-winning shot that day while covering the event for the "Outlook" newspaper, but it ended up being one of his most rewarding photos. "That’s the wonderful thing about sports photography," he said. "You just don’t know what to expect."


Diarrhea Workouts

>> Monday, April 13, 2015

No, I don't mean "CRAPPY workouts." I literally mean diarrhea. But we'll get to that in a moment. Here's what the past week looked like:

• MONDAY: 49 minutes on the trainer. My favorite 7x (90 sec hard, 90 sec easy) with some more stuff at the end.

• TUESDAY: easy run. First run after the track workout 5 days before. I didn't want to overdo anything after that workout, so I gave my body time.

• WEDNESDAY: 82 minutes on the trainer, and some 300s in the pool. The trainer ride was brutal. I'm usually OK doing some short intervals for like 40 minutes, but this workout contained 3x10 minute tempo, and then a 30 minute tempo. It was a good mental ride. I posted the sweat puddle last Wednesday.

• THURSDAY: 5.5 mile run with the middle 3 at tempo pace. I tweeted just before this run:

I really didn't know if I could hit that pace, but tweeting about it first would make me really shoot for it. I did an out-and-back that started against the wind, so I knew that would only make my "save too much for the final mile" even worse. (Because I'd be bucking the wind for the first 1.5 miles and then using it to push me even faster over the last 1.5 miles.) Well, I nailed my goal: 17:13 with mile splits of 5:54, 5:51, and 5:27.

• FRIDAY: 40x50 in the pool. I love/hate that workout.

Oh, and HERE is when the "diarrhea talk" starts. Friday afternoon, Henry wanted to go down for his nap early. I didn't think anything of it. Then he woke up half way through saying his tummy hurt. A few seconds later, he was vomiting up hot dogs and yogurt from lunch. I instagrammed this photo of us after he'd been sick 4 times:

Poor guy.

He was fine after that, and slept well through the night with no problem. He went from FINE to PRETTY SICK to FINE over the course of about 4-5 hours. But that night, I started having problems. Not "puke" problems, but "butt" problems. I slept great for 2 hours, and then spent the rest of the night on the couch because I was writhing and didn't want to wake Pharmie up. And I was belching and farting while making the living room smell like New Jersey all night. The BAD parts of Jersey.

• SATURDAY: nothing but diarrhea. I wanted to go for a long bike ride, but that would have ended in disaster. Instead, we went to a wedding reception in Mankato (about 90 minutes away) that evening, and I stayed close to the bathroom:

From instagram: "Wedding game strong." It's no surprise we were in a bathroom!

I was in-and-out of that bathroom all night. What the bathroom really needed was this:

Seriously, as a Dad with sometimes unpredictable bowels, this would be GREAT!!

• SUNDAY: 26 mile ride. It was windy yesterday: 20-30 mph winds. NOT GUSTS. But ACTUAL sustained wind speed. Yikes. But Pharmie and I both got out for separate long rides! I took it a bit easy because of my stomach, but it didn't lead to any problems.

The wind was NUTS! My first 5-mile split is usually 14-15 minutes, and it was 17 minutes yesterday! (Because it was into the wind, duh.) The ride had 3 big climbs, and 1 of the climbs was in the middle of a stretch when I was mainly with the wind. That 5-mile split (INCLUDING the big climb) was 13:36, or 22.0 mph. WIND-Y!!

So I THINK my shitting problem is all better. My stomach is still not 100%, but it's on the upswing for sure. I missed a long run, but that's not bad, considering. We'll see where this week leads.


Dangerous Cycling Fans

>> Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm a "triathlete." Not a "cyclist." And riding in pelotons is one of the reasons I'll never be a cyclist. I don't have the guts for it. Check out these 10 stupid/dangerous fans that took out sections of a peloton:

Direct link

#10 was a flat-out jerk.
#9 through #5, and #2 were all basically careless or inattentive fans.
#4 and #1 are nasty!

And let's be honest... I COULD be the guy in #3 at some point in my life. I just see that as being a possibility. Oops.


Friday Funny 905: What Things Look Like to Dogs

>> Friday, April 10, 2015

Some funny stuff from College Humor:

Remember, LOTS more funnies posted all day long on steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com! HAPPY WEEKEND!


Friday Funny 904: Funny (Fake) Reviews

There's a lot of truth in this review...

That last one reminds me of a sign I saw once on a Dyson "Airblade" hand dryer in a public bathroom that said "MESSIEST URINAL EVER."

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