Friday Funny 781: Riding Invisible Bikes

>> Friday, August 29, 2014

This is pointless. But yet, here it is.

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Friday Funny 780: Bizarre Google Autocompletes

Here are 20 bizarre Google autocompletes:

Why would you ever need to Google that?

You CAN'T?!?

This question has bothered me for a long time.

Yes. Wait... what?

I hate that too.

I only need 2 good reasons.

Everyone dies.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I like to think of him as a magical woodchuck.

Is this a common problem?

Again, is this that common?

Good question. I'm getting hungry. Hurry Jesus.

How hard can it be? Just eat them.

I'm glad this is a problem for someone other than me.


I don't know. Google it.

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Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: When Do People Run

>> Thursday, August 28, 2014

File this under "I" for "Interesting... but who really cares."

Runner's World posted some info on what times of day people tend to do their running in 30 different countries. Here's what they found, and some of the explanation of the "peaks" is interesting:

Worldwide, 18% of all recorded runs take place between 6 and 9 a.m. compared with nearly 32% between 5 and 8 p.m. during weekdays.

And here are 2 overlays of when those 30 countries run on the WEEKDAYS vs WEEKENDS:



People don't seem to like to get up on weekday mornings to run, but they really like to get an early start on the weekend. On the weekend, 32% of runs happen between 8 and 11 a.m., while just 12 percent of runs are logged between 5 and 8 p.m.

Interesting? Maybe. Helpful? Probably not. But it's just oddly comforting to know that I'm out there hitting the pavement at the same time as someone else half-way around the globe.

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First 1-Mile Intervals in a LONG Time

>> Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It had been nearly 14 months since my last trip to the track (to do some 200s before the Midsummer Mile), and over 15 months since I did 1600s. In late May of 2013, I did 3x1600 with 90 secs rest in 5:39, 5:29, and 5:25. Last night, I headed out for that same workout.

I got to the St. Thomas track and found a football game going on, so I went back home. I did some mile repeats around our neighborhood on a loop that's NEARLY a mile. I wore my Garmin so I'd know how much more I'd have to run to make each 1 mile.

There are a lot of downsides to not doing intervals on the track, and here are a few: uneven footing, traffic, curbs, hills, 90-degree turns, and not knowing your 0.25 split. I had to dart around a few cars (even though this is a route where I'm crossing side-streets that all have stop signs), and I kept trying to look at my watch to see my first 0.25 split to see how I was starting each interval. Oh, and it's not a HILLY route, but I really started to feel the hills on #2 and 3:

922 feet near the start, 888 at the 0.75 mark, climbing back to the finish of each interval.

I did some "brick intervals" in July as part of that "duathlon workout" I like to do out of my garage, but this was going to my be first real running speed workout since getting injured a year ago. So I didn't have any idea where my times would be. I was hoping to maybe do 5:50 dropping down to 5:30-something. But I wasn't able to be that fast. Here were my (consistent) intervals and my half-mile splits:

2:55, 2:53 = 5:48
2:55, 2:53 = 5:48
2:56, 2:52 = 5:48

The "hill," intersections, and turns slowed me down a BIT, and being I did mile repeats, I ran nearly 2 seconds longer than 1600 repeats. So on the track, they'd be more like 5:45 (or even faster). Not where I'd hoped to be, but I have to remember that it's been a while since my last speed workout. It takes time! And I did it without anything hurting, so that's a great sign!

Super speedy back-to-back USA Triathlon National Champ Heather Lendway tweeted me saying we should hit the track together sometime. (Seriously, if you DON'T know that name, you must not be from around here. In her 10 tris so far this year, she placed first 9 times, only taking 2nd in her first ever draft-legal race. Six of those 9 wins were with course records. SIX course records THIS YEAR!) Here was a little back-and-forth on Twitter last night:

After Heather's statements about BFF Devon "needing some work," I'm not sure I can workout with her. We'll see. Those were pretty harsh words.

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Official Photos from the Lake Marion Triathlon

>> Monday, August 25, 2014

The Lake Marion Triathlon just loaded a TON a race photos to their Facebook page, and I found a few of me and my gang in there. These help tell the story of my race report, but with a lot more photos:

Buddy Justin, me, Angela, and Lance (who ended up winning).
LOVE LANCE'S SHIRT. (He's a cross country coach!)

Justin and his wife - it was Kelly's FIRST triathlon!

Related somehow. I'm like 99.4% sure.

Pre-race meeting.

That's Lilla on the left. I was right next to him off camera.
(He ended up in 5th, just 2 spots behind me.)

This photo is packed with those fast-swimming 17-year-olds that I kept mentioning
in my race report. I'm JUST off frame to the left, right next to Lilla.

Justin to the far left, Lilla to the far right, and ME right in the middle!

Close-up of that last photo. Sweet.

Swimmers getting back to shore. You can see the final Oly turn WAY out there,
and our final Sprint turn just 2 buoys back with people rounding it.

Stranger with sweet guns. Ladies, you're welcome.

Bro-in-law Matt finishing his 2nd Oly swim!

Matt's fiancée Angela (looking like a bad ass) hitting the beach.

I ALWAYS look like a doof on my bike. Always. It's like a law of physics.

Lilla getting ready to pass me (I'd catch him back on the run).

Tim who finished just behind me in 4th overall.


Look - another Goldiocks!! (That's the name of my gold Specialized.)

Alien head.

Starting the run. When I look pooped during a race, I seem to age about 15 years.

I think this was the final 17-year-old that I kept leap-frogging on the bike.

Justin looking awesome as he starts the run.

This is the 40-year-old who started in the wave behind me who finished with
a better time to take 2nd overall. He got me by 16 seconds.

Literally SECONDS after I crossed the line, with Lance the winner.

One of the most awkward final kicks ever caught on film. Oh, and wouldn't you know it - the
guy in black is the same guy who had a "Goldilocks" bike. Maybe that bike makes us awkward.


This is Nate who I chatted with the night of the Trinona Time Trial - he was staying
in the same dorm as me in Winona. He was 8th overall in the Oly in 2:13 at this race!
(Yes, he raced nude.)

I chatted with Farlig (from pre-race.
He's got a SWEET "Ironman WI in training" farmers tan.

Matt ages like I do during races. But SWEET PR Matt!

And another SWEET PR for Matt's bride-to-be Angela!

OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING HAIR!!!!!! He needs to be in a L'Oréal commercial.

Here's my full race report from last week if you missed it - there aren't many photos in it, but use the ones here to help fill in the story.



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